Friends Of Rusinga Community Abroad

About us

FORCA scholarship fund, a nonprofit organization operating in Rusinga Island, Homa Bay County. Our aim is to identify and support needy children to join Secondary Schools so that they become heroes after attaining their secondary education or College and be self reliant.


The youthful population presents both opportunities and challenges to achieving the targets of Sustainable development Goals and other Socio Economic objectives. A majority of young people in Rusinga Island, miss the opportunity to further their education as a result of poverty, being orphaned or vulnerable. Looking at the previous results20 children who sat for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Examination in the location for instance, majority of them qualified to join good secondary schools but they will not be able since their parents or guardians and families cannot afford to pay for their secondary education.

Through FORCA sponsorship program, we intend to revolutionize socio economic development in Rural Kenya by supporting the needy bright students every year to access quality education which is a basic right. While access to education is a constitutional right, the national and the local institutions have not been able to guarantee every child decent education, nutrition and accommodation. Together with like-minded partners we are determined to help as many bright needy children as we can. We appeal to other well wishers, sponsors, individuals, companies and organizations to emulate our model and help poor student’s access quality education. This is not only a moral duty but also a decent thing to do.

This will cater for bright needy children from poor backgrounds in Secondary schools and colleges. Many bright needy children fail to join form one or drop out of school due to lack of school fees. Mostly these children opt for early m marriages as early as the age of 14 or get pregnant. We focus on education of children with special needs. Our Board of Trustees has a way identifying and screening those eligible. Currently we have three children being sponsored and we are looking for more people and organizations to join hands with us and support the disadvantaged families who fail to take children to school because of lack of school fees. This support will help transform lives of many needy and bright children. We choose to support the orphans and help make their dreams come true because no matter the situation one is in, their dreams are valid.

Our Aim

Our aim is to support youths access education being that the island has high number of orphans and vulnerable children, it makes the youths from poverty stricken homes miss high school opportunities which is instrumental in the future of everyone here in Kenya and globally. The government gives subsidy for education but what the parents are expected to pay is unaffordable to many households forcing the bright students to drop out of school and join fishing for survival.

Our Mission:

Mainstreaming the Orphan, Semi Orphan and Street children in the national building by providing quality education is our mission. Our goal ~ to empower young people with the gift of a consistent education to help them to leave the poverty behind

Our Strategy

We intend to identify coordinators in various countries, currently we have approached some friends in USA, UK and Spain. We hope the network will expand and have many coordinators worldwide. There will be one overall Director abroad and local Coordinator in Kenya. Both will be working on pro bono basis.

How FORCA Will Contribute

Short Term

This will involve one time support to the needy young people in Rusinga for one year or one term.

Long Term

This will involve supporting the needy youths throughout four years of Secondary Education to make an impact.

Pull Funding

This will involve contributing any amount of money one can afford into a pull fund. FORCA stakeholders will then agree on how the funds will be distributed equally amongst the youths.

School Fee Payment Breakdown

Kenya government provides free day school education but parents are still required to pay averagely USD 150 per year to cater for other things that are not catered for by the government. The costs vary from one school to another. Boarding school range from USD 500 to 600 and this also vary from school to school.

Coordination Structure Of FORCA

We aim at getting willing volunteers to be able to accept the coordination roles in their various countries. We will then use the various countries coordinators to reach wider audience and get people who may be willing to contribute towards this noble course and touch lives of young ones in Kenya in the long term or short term. The contacts of the various FORCA coordinators will be listed on our website. All the coordinators will have an opportunity to come up with ideas and suggestions that will contribute towards the realization of our goals.

Specific Activities Of FORCA

  • A website will be created with database of all the children who require support and their photos and profiles included.
  • Establish a selection and screening committee in Rusinga that will help to identify and screen youths who need support and also ensure that all FORCA activities are managed with transparency and efficiency.
  • The local committee shall provide updates, FORCA evaluation reports, sponsored children progress reports, payment records of all the supported children and general updates of the youths in the program.
  • The local committee team will interview youths in need and posts short videos and stories on the website, describing briefly the situation of a youth needing a sponsor.
  • Sponsors can then choose a child to support in the long run, establishing a personal relationship.

FORCA Core Values

To enable us realize of contribution to sustainable development, we strive to long lasting relationships with individuals or organizations or individuals not involved in fraud, child labour/ abuse, corruption and extortion.

Transparency, Equality, Integrity shall be our guiding principles to the team from the community who shall be responsible for identification and screening of the potential beneficiaries.

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